Locks vs. Locks: 27 April 2013, 6-8pm, Men’s Inter-Squad Game

Alright, guys! This is a time to prove yourself and show the selection committee which position you’re good at.

From 6pm to 8pm on Saturday April 27th, we’ll be competing against a tough opponent: ourselves. As Coach Chris said: “This game is just like all other games we play this year, do not take this lightly or feel that you can skip it because we aren’t playing another team.”

The goal of this game is to evaluate different players in different positions and combinations. That way, a playing strategy can be built around the strength of each player.

Guys, make every effort to be there this Saturday. Someone wants your position.

PS: And for our Locks fans, though this isn’t an “official” game, it is otherwise going to be a real game. And hey…when do you ever see a team playing competing against itself? Come out and watch!